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Improve your research life balance connecting with your local scientists’ community
Start your work-day with a positive mind set, recover the enthusiasm of doing science, gain self-confidence and accelerate your research



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Create smart connections between scientists working in the same institute, colleagues that cross path every day without knowing their name and skill set. Your tailored solution may be just around the corner.
We want to create local professional networks that start virtual but get real!


Reconnect with your colleagues, discover your institute resources and brainstorm with local experts

  • Develop your skills
  • Save time and consumables
  • Accelerate your research

Research managers

Discover the full potential  of your scientific community and become a class leading institute

  • In depth customized analytics
  • Scientific advisory and consultancy
  • Increase research productivity


ENABLE | IRB Barcelona

PhD & Postdoc symposium

88% of ENABLE 2017 attendees prefers support from a local expert by means of face-to-face brainstorming


PhD student

Due to lack of communication and not knowing where to find specific expertise, 9 months of research could have been done in 2

Oliver Rosten

Irish Times 2017

Seven-day weeks, 10-hour days, isolation and uncertainty: it’s little wonder so many PhD students risk developing mental health problems

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